We are able to work on the broadest range of projects from teacups to city masterplanning.

Our experience in architecture and illustration means that we can help streamline the briefing process through storyboarding and in-depth analysis to produce the strongest compositions showcasing your project. We can draw on 25 years of traditional artworking to supplement and facilitate this.

Once the brief is established we produce clear proposals which establish the costs and timelines for the job and also plan out all the required images with photo-references so that the entire team can see at a glance what the end result should be.

We are able to assemble a large team of industry-leading specialists at short notice, including world-class photography, surveyors and many other design disciplines such as landscaping, lighting, brand and set design when more detailed information becomes necessary in planning a job.

Because we come from an architectural background we understand all stages in a typical design's development. We can assist in composing competition submissions, design development and prototyping, planning submissions, public consultations, infographics and marketing material. We also have experience in combining our work with video, multimedia, web and animation and can advise on this as well.

We offer a bespoke and confidential service to our clients from a starting point of mutual trust and respect. Alex Morris Visualisation is a registered company with a proven track record and procedures.

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